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The next Systemic Cycles activities

train the guides

The initiation of a Systemic Cycles guide training program.

There are three components with an associated training program to become a certified Systemic Cycles guide:

  1. Start from being an experienced cyclist to become a bike guide with the physical, mental, technical, organisational and didactic skills and experience to safely guide a group on a fun bike tour; including buffer and tools for dealing with mental, physical and technical emergencies.

  2. Come with a deep interest and develop sufficient understanding and basic scientific foundational knowledge of sustainability science, resilience, bio-regional development, regeneration, circularities, worldviews, and design as nature.

  3. Become a systems thinker and acquire systemic design skills: the culture and toolbox to fluidly hybridise science, design and transformative praxis; to facilitate visual dialogue for diving into complexity; to intentionally identify synergistic opportunities in regional systems; to use scientific reasoning and research by design; to weave in transdisciplinary setting of continuous joint problem framing.

next guide education tour

  • dates of next exducation tour will follow

for more information, please jeck out following links

  • Systemic Cycles linkedin page (link)

  • MVI course program (link)

To join our first Systemic Cycles guide tour, please apply on the MVI-page here: link

Grande Tour ch-it

searching roots

The northern Pedimont, the hilly area north of Ivrea and Biella was part of an early bike packing tour of Systemic-Cycles Co-Founder Martin in the early 90ties. This tour somehow set the seeds for parts of the Systemic-Cycles concept and motto: "how to shift from sightseeing to insight-seeing" while traveling through an area?

This tour is planned as an experimental tour and will interconnect Martins homeroots in the Bernese Oberland with the Northern Piemont. This is cycling in Alpine Terrain, Mountain Biking terrain, bike and hike terrain in altitudes up to 2000m.

The historic art and future of wooden housbilding, switzerland as the "water castle of europe" and the Piemont textile industry are aspects we will adress.

Start and end of the tour is planned on Swiss terrain while we travel at least one week in Italy. duration is 2 to 3 weeks, interested Co-explorers can join just for some days.

tour dates

  • July 2024

tour details

  • multiday bike packing tour

  • road, gravel and alpine single trail terrain

tour context

  • experimental tour: we explore while cycling, tour is not planned in all details

  • bike packing and alpine bike experience is a must

  • if interested, please contact us (mail)

Beyond Tourism - Mallorca

Mediterranean island diversity

Mallorca as an island is the perfect scale for designing bio-regional regeneration. This is due to its diversity as of topography, soil types, fauna and flora, the combination of sea and mountain, the Mediterranean climate, and also social diversity from traditional farming to expats from around the world, yet all contained within a clearly defined island parameter with the size of a region. Mallorca is a world class cycling gem. So the combination of bio-regional weaving with cycling simply is ideal. Daniel Wahl as a regional weaver lives on Mallorca and introduces us to a rich network of interested actors, secret bathing spots and cool sacred mountain caves.

tour dates

  • 2024, 26th October to Nov. 2th

tour details

  • multi day bike packing tour, embeded in filed trip

tour context

  • this tour is part of a CAS of DRRS


What is planned for 2025?

Detailas woll follow:

  • guide education program

  • Systemic Cycle tours

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