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Piedmont - Italy

the original Systemic Cycle tour

The Italian Piedmont region with a focus on the High Po river watershed was the prototype of Systemic Cycles in its current format. This rich agricultural diverse region stretches from Torino to the highest point of the Southern Alps, Monte Viso (3842m asl). Locally organized by the MonViso Institute (MVI), this tour is based on long-term contacts to partners from various sectors, such as stone pits as building materials, vineyards, limestone and hemp, mountain tourism, organic micro breweries, bicycle shops and community actors, and many more. The tour finishes at the MVI mountain campus in the community of Ostana with some joint synthesis mapping and a local outdoor food event with regional actors.

Tour details

  • multiple day tour

  • road and offroad terrain

Tour dates and context

  • 2021: our foundation Systemic Cycle Tour

  • 2023: our first Systemic Cycle Tour with participants of the CAS ETH in Regenerative Systems (link)

  • This is a recurring tour. Check what's next for next tour dates

Hemsedal and Oslo - Norway

exploring Northern space, culture and climate

Mountains and fjords, sea to sky, glaciers to apple orchards, traditional mushroom diets to questionable salmon fish farms, traditionally painted wood cabins to stunning contemporary structures, oil industry and electric mobility - Norway is a country of beauty, space, design and contrast. We explore Nordic cultures in Western Norway and interact within a dichotomous picture of culture, land use, and economy.

tour details

  • Hemsedal: multiple single day cycles with students

  • Oslo: half day cycles

tour dates and context

  • 2020, 2022: Hemsedal

  • 2021: Oslo, first executive program Systemic Cycle tour

  • recurring tours. Check what's next for next tour dates

Innovative Berne - Switzerland

surprising progression in an exciting landscape

Bernese people are known as slow and a bit lazy (Martin as a native "Berner" is allowed to say so). As in many areas things are developing now and many interesting things in terms of Sustainability, regional, circular Economy and about Food are ongoing. We interlink some of the regional Actors in a multiple days Systemic Cycle Tour to connect with this system and become part of it.

tour details

  • multiple day tour

  • mainly road and gravel

tour dates

  • experimental tours in 2022 and 2023

  • Check what's next for next tour dates in the greater area of Berne

Beyond Tourism - Mallorca

Mediterranean island diversity

Mallorca as an island is the perfect scale for designing bio-regional regeneration. This is due to its diversity as of topography, soil types, fauna and flora, the combination of sea and mountain, the Mediterranean climate, and also social diversity from traditional farming to expats from around the world, yet all contained within a clearly defined island parameter with the size of a region. Mallorca is a world class cycling gem. So the combination of bio-regional weaving with cycling simply is ideal. Daniel Wahl as a regional weaver lives on Mallorca and introduces us to a rich network of interested actors, secret bathing spots and cool sacred mountain caves.

tour details

  • 3 day bike packing tour

  • road, gravel, partially offroad

tour dates

  • 2023

  • This is a recurring tour. Check what's next for next tour dates

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