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The Systemic Cycles guides training program

train the guides

The initiation of a Systemic Cycles guide training program.

There are three components with an associated training program to become a certified Systemic Cycles guide:

  1. Start from being an experienced cyclist to become a bike guide with the physical, mental, technical, organisational and didactic skills and experience to safely guide a group on a fun bike tour; including buffer and tools for dealing with mental, physical and technical emergencies.

  2. Come with a deep interest and develop sufficient understanding and basic scientific foundational knowledge of sustainability science, resilience, bio-regional development, regeneration, circularities, worldviews, and design as nature.

  3. Become a systems thinker and acquire systemic design skills: the culture and toolbox to fluidly hybridise science, design and transformative praxis; to facilitate visual dialogue for diving into complexity; to intentionally identify synergistic opportunities in regional systems; to use scientific reasoning and research by design; to weave in transdisciplinary setting of continuous joint problem framing.

next guide education tour

  • Venice extended - 2024, may 5th to 11th

for more information, please jeck out following links

  • Systemic Cycles linkedin page (link)

  • MVI course program (link)

To join our first Systemic Cycles guide tour, please apply on the MVI-page here: link

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